About Ryan Cole

I am creative business-minded engineer and a compulsive problem solver. I love challenges, and I have a special appreciation for the intersection of the ridiculously simple and the extraordinarily complex. If you were told it can't done, I am probably the guy you want to call next.

My non-professional interests include artificial intelligence, robotics, and just making things.

I currently reside in Lakeport California and I am working on relocating to the Sacramento area.

Some of my notable projects include:

System Programmer

I have OS platform programming experience mainly with Windows & Linux, and I have a few systems deployed in OSX.

While I have some familiarity with numerous languages in 30 years of programming, more recently I have been using the following system languages:

  • REBOL/RED (multi-platform apps & servers)
  • C/C++ (mainly low-level)
  • AutoHotKey (Windows Macros)
  • Visual Basic (primarily VBA under Excel & Access)

I have created applications such as:

  • Client/server databases (MySQL & Access)
  • Parsers & format conversion utilities
  • Image processing & generation
  • Servers (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, HTML, & more)
  • Recognition & neural networks
  • Network & multiprocess systems
  • Windows and Excel Macros

Web Programmer

I am an experienced full stack website programmer.

My programming emphasis has been on backend systems, efficient business application interfaces, and core processes for server-based applications.

I am the creator of SQLEFS--an emulated file system for PHP using SQL. SQLEFS is designed to simplify file operations and simple record keeping in a way DOS and Linux shell users would find familiar. SQLEFS includes a administration page with graphical file manager and CLI (command line interface) console.

  • Javascript
  • Jquery (primarily core)
  • Jquery Mobile
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • SQL (mainly MySQL)
  • CSS3
  • Photoshop and GIMP



I have become very familiar with electronics mainly from decades of hobby work. Though I don't do electronics design professionally, I am well suited for electronics related work such as embedded systems programming.

  • Electronic components and essential principles
  • Basic motor & servo control
  • Circuit board layout and prototyping
  • Schematics and ladder logic diagrams
  • Common test equipment (such as Oscilloscope)
  • Arduino development in C
  • MicroChip PIC development in C and Assembly
  • Single board computers (Pi, Odroid)
  • Basic familiarity with PLCs

Artificial Intelligence

It didn't take long after getting my first computer for me develop interest in artificial intelligence. After 30 years or so of experiments, I might even have something to show for it soon...

I have recently started a project called Sentient1. The goal is to combine an SQL-like interface with a versatile AI engine that can be used for basic game and business intelligence. I am currently involved in testing early prototype iterations and developing a structure that will reduce development complexity down the line.